Monday, September 19, 2011


Hello!  Here are pictures from my travels so far!

Chugging espresso in the train station after a long overseas flight..the coffee here is so teeny!

My bedroom in my piso.  Like those matching curtains and bedspread?! lol.

Dining room with stereo to blast all those Spanish hits.

Living room!
 Kitchen with washing machine!

This is the main bathroom...if I were on House Hunters International I would say, "Oh that tile must go!!!"  But since this is real life I will say, "Oh what a functional bathroom that is!"

This is the castle on the outskirts of my little town.  So pretty!

Why join a gym when there are random exercise machines in the local park!?

Just getting a quick workout in during my stroll through the park!  Couldn't figure out if this was real until I saw a man legitimately working out on this equipment the other morning.  Interesante.

We went to Avila for the weekend and couldn't figure out the bus system to get to the train station so we just walked.  The train station is about a kilometer from the town so we took a break for this photo op.  I totally don't look like a tourist, right???....

The entire town of Avila is surrounded by a beautiful ancient wall.  Our friend John is teaching in Avila and there are more people our age in this town so we had a fun weekend inside the wall!

That is one serious wall if I ever saw one!


Avila also has a very high altitude...I am thinking around 6,000ft and Boone is only at ~3500ft so the town is surrounded by beautiful mountains as well!

I have to go pay my landlord so that is all I can post for right now! Hope you enjoyed looking at my trip thus far and I'll post soon!


  1. You are so funny! I love these! Keep that sense of humor going...with the shower in your piso, sounds like you might need it!! xxoo

  2. Looks like a pretty sweet setup to me. I bet the bidet is getting a lot of good use. At least you have had one in your house before. I saw 70 on the road sign and thought you were walking to the train station along an interstate highway, but then I realized it is kilometers per hour and that's only 43 mph, which makes me feel better. Tell John I like his conquistador pose.