Friday, October 7, 2011

Weekend in Madrid

Hola, y'all!

Last weekend I spent a weekend in Madrid for a training course for my program.  Basically I think it was just an excuse for people doing our program to meet each other and have places to stay when they travel around the country.  We met a lot of really great people and had a lot of fun.

We arrived on Thursday afternoon and met up with a group of girls and guys living in Salamanca.  We all went out for a bite to eat and then a long stroll through El Parque del Retiro in the heart of Madrid.  The group included Americans, Irish, French and Swiss people so our common language was Spanish and that was pretty neat.

This park has a huge rose garden with hundreds of different species! So beautiful!

The Palacio Cristal was originally built as a hothouse for exotic plants but now it is just mainly used for wedding pictures.

There is a strange slide in the middle of the building for some reason. Pretty fun though!

There is a nice lake outside with a pretty water feature.  I realized that I am wearing this shirt in all my blog pictures..I promise I don't wear it that much! haha!

I found a Starbucks in Puerta del Sol!!!! Getting an iced Americano saved my life.  An Americano for the Americana, please!
This is Annie eating churros con chocolate at a sidewalk cafe.  This is the moment when we realized our lives are pretty freaking cool!

Madrid was totally lovely and we are only an hour and a half bus ride away all the time!  Woo! We are taking a day trip to Segovia tomorrow and then Medina del Campo on Sunday for the national cattle market (there are other cool things at the market too though). I am going to end this blog post now because it is too late here and my daily allotment of wit has already dried up. More pictures and blogs to come soon!

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  1. The slide in the middle of the building: for those moments when you suddenly realize that you MUST have a quick recreational experience. Great pictures. Your life IS pretty freaking cool!